RHENUS is out today!

Get it via the shop section, via my bandcamp page or on

It features Percy Pursglove - trumpet, Sebastian Gille - reeds, Kathrin Pechlof - harp, Jozef Dumoulin - rhodes, Elias Stemeseder - piano, Christian Lillinger - drums, Jonas Burgwinkel - drums, Robert Landfermann - bass, comp

Thanks again to Monheim Triennale!


Happy to announce that i won Deutscher Jazzpreis Bass national 2022.


Starting in may 2022 i'll be honored to follow in the giant footsteps of my friend and mentor Dieter Manderscheid in becoming professor of jazz-doublebass at University Of Music Cologne.


PHILM, the band lead by saxophonist Philipp Gropper, with Elias Stemeseder, Oliver Steidle and me won "band of the year national" at the Deutscher Jazzpreis 2021.


Happy to announce that I am a proud scholarship holder of the Roger Willemsen Stiftung. I am a huge fan of his work and to live in his house during March 2021 and develope my music there is truly amazing.


KLAENG 2020 - Solo Edition. This was on WDR TV last night. Yes, Jazz/improvised music on TV. You can see each individual set here. My set is here.