Happy to announce that I am a proud scholarship holder of the Roger Willemsen Stiftung. I am a huge fan of his work and to live in his house and develope my music there is truly amazing.


KLAENG 2020 - Solo Edition. This was on WDR TV last night. Yes, Jazz/improvised music on TV. You can see each individual set here. My set is here.


check out the video of the concert KLAENG TAEN - Klaeng Kollektiv meets WDR-Bigband


three videos of my concerts from this years Moers Festival


Trio with Loren Stillman and Jonas Burgwinkel

EOS chamber orchestra with Niels Klein Trio


Very excited about my new project RHENUS. It will premiere at the amazing new festival Monheim Triennale, which is postponed to 2021, featuring:

Percy Pursglove - trumpet, Sebastian Gille - reeds, Kathrin Pechlof - harp, Jozef Dumoulin - rhodes, Elias Stemeseder - piano, Christian Lillinger - drums, Jonas Burgwinkel - drums, Robert Landfermann - bass, comp


2020 recordings out

Pablo Held Trio feat Nelson Veras "Ascent" - Edition records 2020

Grünen "Disenajmbment" - Trokaan 2020

Christian Lillinger „Open Form For Society LIVE” – Plaist 2020

Ingrid Laubrock "Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt" Music for Chamber Orchestra and Small Ensemble - Intakt Records 2020

Gratkowski-Zoubek-Landfermann-Mahnig – Impakt records 2020

Elisabeth Coudouxs Emiszatett “Physis” – Impakt records 2020

NDR-BigBand feat Frank Delle Trio "Enso" - Dr Heart records 2020

Klaus Heidenreich Quartett "Spaces" - Klaeng records 2020

Peter Ehwalds Double Trouble "Up, Down, Strange, Charm and Bottom" - Jazzwerkstatt Berlin 2020

Stefan Schultze Septet "Turbalento" - WhyPlayJazz 2020

Clemens Orth Trio “The Glider Suite” – CTO music 2020

Klaus Heidenreich Quartett "Spaces" - Klaeng records 2020


soon to be released in 2020

Frank Delle Trio plays Standards - Dr Heart records 2020


October 2019 i started to teach Jazz-Doublebass and Ensemble as a Professor at Musikhochschule Mannheim


2019 - recordings out

Christian Lillingers "The Meinl Session EP" - plaist records

Liebman-Landfermann-Held-Lillinger "Live At Nozart" - klaengrecords 2019

Robert Landfermann "Topaz" feat Ingrid Laubrock, Achim Kaufmann, Tom Rainey - klaengrecords 2019

Christian Lillinger "Open Form For Society" - Plaist 2019

Georg Gräwe Franz Koglmann Quintet "West Of The Moon" - cracked anegg records 2019

Grischa Lichtenberger "re:phgrp" reworking "consequences" by PHILM - raster 2019

Philipp Groppers PHILM "Consequences" - whyplayjazz 2019

Dima Orsho "Hidwa - Lullabies For Troubled Times" - Dreyer-Gaido 2019

Christopher Dell "Das Arbeitende Konzert VI-VII" - ENW 2019

Peter Fulda "i am with you" - label 11 2019